The Psychic Community is a House of Cards



A fellow psychic once told me the only profession more riddled with drama was politics.  She was referring the tarot/psychic profession. I laughed at the statement partly because it seemed so absurd but also because it rang absolutely true.

There is that old saying: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, you could apply that to the world of tarot readers and psychics. I have seen outright wars between facets of the community explode over night with both parties claiming the reasons for their actions were for the highest good.

Unfortunately, no matter how spiritual someone proclaims to be if you are pitting yourself against another person or group then it has to do with your ego – problems of the flesh.  Energetically, you are resonating with the Devil card which is all about the earthly ties that bind.  It is being master to your own ego and has nothing do with spirituality or the highest good no matter how loud you yell it (or type it in all capitals.)

I am not so bold to say that I do not have my bouts with ego.  Like anyone else I have gotten caught up in my own bullshit.  We all do to some degree. It’s part of being human.

However, I have a hyper-awareness of who I am which transcends my desire to placate my ego. I have put it into check for the most part. It is a constant battle of wits but because I read other people for a living I know that I have to get out of my own way.

I don’t do tarot readings or life coach sessions because of some inherent desire or need to feel special.  I don’t proclaim to have magickal powers, have a generational psychic gift, or have a direct line to God.  I don’t channel from Source or hold my tarot cards in some form of reverie.

In my opinion, all that pomp and circumstance only serves the reader. It’s a way of propping themselves up so that they feel a sense of importance.  You are no longer in the trenches with the person you are helping. You are now above them. You can tackle their problem with an inflated sense of superiority because God or Source or your Angels are on your side.

I read tarot and perform life coach sessions because I am here to serve. I am here to facilitate change. I like being in the trenches and I realize that I am not any better than anyone else.  I have my own path cobbled together from mistakes, challenges and rewards.  My experiences and emotions color my world as much as the next person.

Yes, I am psychic but so is everyone else.  Being psychic is not a gift. It’s a rite of passage.  We are all born with some innate ability to navigate the world with our sixth sense. Whether or not we decide to do so is a choice.  The journey is there when you are ready.

Transcendence always has a welcome doorway.

I am here, on the other side of that door, to guide you on your path.  Not because I know more than you but because I have lived it.  I understand what you are going through and I want you to have the helping hand that I didn’t.

That being said, I have never understood the competition in the psychic/tarot world.  I used to do psychic fairs because I wanted to meet other psychics and be a part of a community.  It wasn’t so much about building up a client-base as much as it was about belonging.

Unfortunately, I realized to other psychics and readers it was more about competition than camaraderie.  I have been told by other psychics that I don’t read tarot right because I don’t do rituals.  That because I leave my deck at the bottom of my purse tied up with a rubber band that I am ruining the energy of the deck and therefore cannot get a good read.

I have been told that because I don’t have a true connection to God that my readings are not from the highest good. That only psychics who read straight from Source really know the truth.  I have been told that my abilities are inferior because I have never been flown to Japan to read for a diplomat.  Only psychics with true gifts get opportunities like that.

Did it bother me? Absolutely.

Did it sway my beliefs in what I do or how I read?  The answer to that is a big resounding NO.

I realized what these other psychics and readers said about me reveals more about how they feel about themselves than how they feel about me.  For some reason they needed the rituals, the connection to God, the flights to Japan in order to validate themselves. So, I forgave them and moved on.

The cards are at the bottom of my purse because they are a part of me.  I don’t need to recharge them or give them special dark box made of wood.  The meanings are always in my head.  They are tool so I can tell a story to my client.  I use them as a visual guide – a focus.

I don’t have a connection to God because he or she has nothing to do with it.  I am reading a flesh and blood human being.  I can get all the information I need from the person sitting across from me, or on the phone or through email.  I am resolved enough in myself to distinguish between what is me and what is the other person.

I have not been flown to Japan because frankly it’s not a goal of mine. It says nothing about my abilities but rather who I am as a person.  I don’t need to read diplomats in order to feel better about myself.  I am good with reading people who actually need my help.  Their status in the world is not my concern.  I am more concerned about facilitating them in living their truth.

Am I a fifth generation psychic?  If I am going to be honest, yes.  I can trace the lineage of my psychic abilities down the generation tree on both sides of my family.

Do I tell my clients that? No.

Is it on my website? No.

Does this mean that I am somehow better than anyone else? No way!

Most of the people who are psychic in my family could care less about it. We don’t go around feeling superior because we are open to our abilities because everybody has them.  I am grateful that my family is so open about it because it has helped me in my career and in my life.

However, I don’t use it as a pedestal to prop myself up or make myself feel better.  I feel that it is my duty to help others who didn’t have the same openness. I want everyone to be empowered with their sixth sense. So, I use it as tool not as an ego boost.

Besides, there are plenty of other things that are wrong with my family.  Just because my psychic abilities were not stifled doesn’t mean that I am not a hyper-aware package of neurosis and dysfunction.  It just means that I got lucky in one area.  My life path has been just as harsh as everyone else’s.

I am no good to my clients if I am not living my own truth. I am of the mind that you have to practice what you preach.

We are all fallible.

We all have our own crosses to bear.

That being said, in my mind, if you are facilitating other people’s journey through any sort of intuitive guidance then it’s your duty to own up to your own bullshit.  It’s your duty to be the best person you can be and live your truth, emphatically, with no excuses.

I am not against titles or rituals. I am not against connecting to a higher source or your angels. I have spirit guides and ancestral guardians who I look to for guidance.  But I also truly believe in who I am and my purpose on this planet.

It’s time to put away the egos.

Get your own truth in order before you start giving other people advice on how to live theirs.

I am tired of seeing the bickering, the fighting, the competition between psychics and readers.  I am tired of all the wounded egos bustling about covering up insecurities by professing they are making decisions for the highest good.

We all read differently and we all have different beliefs. We are all at different levels in our path.  Some of us our not going to get along and that’s fine.  There is no need to start a war or take sides.

There is no need for all the drama.

There are enough clients to go around.  The world is a big place and you are going to attract those who need you and are on the same level.  We always receive what we project.  Readings are about self-reflection and looking inward. I have always found that some of my most profound and insightful readings were not just for the client but they were also for me.

I love that about my job.

I am constantly finding out new things for myself.  I am constantly adjusting and incorporating new lessons. I have learned that it takes a lot of humility to be of service to the planet because I am only as good as I am in this present moment.

I will always be a work in progress.

If you take anything away from this post know that I am not judging anyone.  I am merely calling a spade a spade.  I am resilient and I ignore the criticism now.  There is no room for it because I perfectly fine with who I am.

But I am not the norm.

I have talked to plenty psychics and tarot readers who have merely given up because they felt so rejected by their peers.  They stay under the radar and keep their businesses small or only read for friends and relatives.  They don’t understand why a community that is supposed to be spiritual can be akin to politics.

A House of Cards, indeed.